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Charke Swim is looking for a Lifeguard/Instructor to add to our Swim School. If you love teaching and being in the water this is the job for you. We're offering 15 hours a week at 30$ an hour, but we are growing and hours may increase.

NL Award
CPR-C Award
Standard First Aid Award
WSI with conversion to Swim for Life or Swim For Life Award
- Awards must remain current during employment. -

Teaching: Swimmer 1-6, Adults, preschool and/or Parent and Tot classes and private lessons. This job is primarily teaching swimming lessons.
Minor pool maintenance; cleaning up, hosing, restocking bathrooms
Lifeguarding - This may require you to be in the pool monitoring kids.

I'm looking for someone to teach 15 hours a week, 3 hours a day Monday to Friday morning to early afternoon. Extra hours may be possible to teach private lessons as they are scheduled.
When the main user of the building moves in, possibly in March or April, there will be lifeguarding hours available between 3-5 PM Monday-Friday, however they want the guards in the water with the kids. During the Summer months and possibly on spring break, the lifeguarding hours may increase up to full time, 40 hours a week. Also we may add public swim, aquacise and other activities that could increase your hours.

There is insurance available through the Royal Life Saving Society for lifeguard/instructors. It's about 500$ per year and isn't prorated. That means it's 500$ if you get it in January and it lasts until December, but it's the same price if you get it later, even if it's December. This is optional but not a bad idea.
Charke Swim carries 5 million Common General Liability and I'll be expanding that coverage to include all the staff.
Link: Life Saving Society Member Insurance

Charke Swim pays 30$ an hour CDN.

How to apply
Please email me with your resume. I'm very keen to hear about your teaching experience, especially if you've had experience teaching kids with disabilities. I also need copies of all your current awards. (

Mark Charke

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