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Automated Reminders

  Charke Swim issues automated reminders 24 hours before the first session of your class starts. These are emailed out automatically. For individual Private Lessons, these will go out for each session. For groups of x4 or x3 Private Lessons these only go out 24 hours before the first one. This has dramatically reduced persons missing classes, something we are very happy with.

   The reminders are a single feature and besides the length of time, they can't be customized further. We can not, for example, send out reminders for each class or allow each customer to change their reminders.

  Charke Swim does have a 48 hour cancellation policy. This was created first and has nothing to do with the reminders. It's the minimum time to have a fair chance of re-filling that spot, which we pay for, empty or not. 
This does mean, if you are receiving your automated reminder, the time for cancellation or change, has passed.

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