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Happy Belated Canada Day Everyone! I've got a bunch of news, some good, some not so good.

September Lessons
I've launched September lessons. As the summer rush will be over I'm able to rent Fridays again. I've even added a small number of Monday to Friday classes which have been requested a few times. 5xPrivate Lesson, 5PM, M-FSept 2,3,4,5,6
The rest of the classes are posted below and on the website.

Departure Bay Beach Classes Cancelled Signups for the beach lessons were very low and I've cancelled my rental with the city for the beach. This isn't my first failed rental experiment and I've learned that when you know it's not working, cut your losses and work on what is working and that's what I'm going to do.
Stephenson Point Road This is the not-so-good news. Pool contractors are hard to find on the island and the one contracted to repair Stephenson Point is busy meaning repairs have been pushed back to January 2025 if we are really lucky but more likely April 2025. With such a long delay, one option I'm considering is selling my current house and trying to get one with a pool but there are several big hurdles to overcome with that plan. Home Lessons
I am now able to offer lessons at private residence pools. Please contact me with requests for lessons and I'll then create the classes you would like. (I'm already teaching Monday to Thurday 1:45PM to 8PM but outside of that time I will try arrange your classes.) Please be aware that I can not teach at the public pool or Westwood lake. Sincerely,

Mark Charke

September Classes

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Hi Everyone,

Getting people into the brisk open waters of Departure Bay Beach has been a slow start so for our first day, June 21st, I've reduce the price of the private lessons to half, and the Open Water Swim is 5$ for the one day! I've also decided that I will provide all of the Swim-Bouys at no cost (I haven't edited all the lesson notes yet.)

There is also a flash sale for a regular Private Lesson at Pacific Shores at 5:15PM on June 20th.

Mark Charke

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Hi Everyone,

The Open Water Swim Class and Private Lessons are now available for registration. We will be at Departure Bay Beach starting on July 21st and lessons are launched until the end of August. If they fill, I have a plan to add a few more!
The ocean is a little bit more dangerous than a nice headed resort, so there are some safety requirements. These apply to the Open Water Swim Class. For private lessons, they only apply if we go out into the water.
- You MUST have a Swim Bouy. (You can get these online at Amazon, for example, and the swim shop at Nanaimo Aquatic Center also sells them. It is a floatation device that attaches to you for safety. You may rent one from Charke Swim for 5$/day.)

- You MUST have a whistle. (I have whistles you can loan for free.) - You MUST have a brightly colored swim cap, goggles or other device on your head so boats can see you.

- You MUST stay reasonably close to the group. You may, at any time, head for the shore. One of the instructors will follow you in, unless you wave us off, to ensure safety. You may rejoin the class later.

It is highly recomended that you have a wetsuit. (I'm using a 2/3mm wet suit, 2mm arms/legs and 3mm chest and it seems warm enough. I find my hands and feet get cold after 30 minutes so consider gloves and boots.)

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