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April Update for Charke Swim

Hi Everyone,

With classes really filling up for April, I've expanded to both Thursdays and Fridays at Pacific Shores Resort to provide extra classes. I've launched a number of custom lessons by request so don't be afraid to ask for something if you don't see it. I am running out of spots for April but I can definetly try to customize classes for May.
I visited 3255 Stephenson Point Road Pool and chatted with In-Space Childcare. We're starting to organize replacing equipment lost in the fire. I've signed a rental agreement for 2024 and repairs continue. As soon as I have a confirmed date, I'll launch classes but it's probably going to be a couple of months before I know. 2 Student Private Lessons
I've received this question a few times now. I allow one or two students in Private Lessons. Once you click BOOKING and INFORMATION and then click BOOK NOW, at the bottom of the page is Payment information and you can select One Student or Two students. These are private so only one account can book a lesson and they decide if it's one or two students. No one else can join your lesson. Each private lesson will be whatever level the students are. I would prefer the students are the similar skill levels. The big split is if one student can swim in deep water and the other can't, there will be times where the skills are either too easy or too hard. Remaining March Lessons

Mark Charke
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