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Charke Swim Halloween

Hi Everyone,
Pacific Shores Classes - Cancelled due to low attendance.
I've been avoiding this post but it has to go out. Signups at Nanoose Bay have been extremely low. The first month had 19 signups out of 120 required to break even. I am cancelling all lessons at Pacific Shores Resort as all the class have 2 or fewer students. Combined with other business costs, replacing supplies I had at Stephenson Point, re-advertising fall, my finances have tanked and I still owe refunds. However, I don't make posts like this without a plan, so here it is. I have enough to continue at Beban Park Pool through the spring. By Summer there is a chance to try expand my rentals at Beban, Stephenson Point might be repaired and I'll be looking at summer rental opportunities such as Westwood Lake and Kin Park Pool.
Refunds I anticipate I'll be able to pay off about half the owed refunds this November and December as I take in proceeds from Jan/Feb classes at Beban. Unfortunately the next half will have to wait until January to be paid off by the March/April proceeds. Everyone who signed up for Nanoose Bay will be added to my list of refunds. I would like to appologize to everyone this has inconvenienced and I greatly appreciate the support and how busy Beban Park Pool has been. New Classes Now that my Halloween Horror is over, I have a new instructor and new classes to announce. Samuel is joining Charke Swim and I've created new mid level and higher classes to take advantage of empty space at Beban with the following classes and private lessons;
Rememberance Day Please be aware that we are closed on Nov 11th for Rememberance Day. Candice's Students Reminder Please be aware that Candice is away Nov 4th and Nov 18th, in addition to Nov 11th. The cost for these classes was lower, reflecting the fewer sessions and this break was listed when the classes were programmed in the schedule and class description. She is teaching the following classes;
Preschool 1-2, 5-5:30PM,Sat,Oct14-Dec16 Preschool 3-4, 5:30-6PM,Sat,Oct14-Dec16 Swimmer 1A, 6-6:30PM, Sat, Oct 14-Dec 16 Swimmer 1B, 6:30-7PM, Sat, Oct 14-Dec 16 Swimmer 2, 7-7:30PM,Sat, Oct 14-Dec 16 January Classes - Coming Soon I plan on approaching the City of Nanaimo about January rentals on Monday and hope to start programing classes immediately.
Happy Halloween Everyone! Sincerely,
Mark Charke

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