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Charke Swim Open!

The problem in the pool turned out to be a chemical issue. It's been fixed and we've been advised on how to avoid it in the future. Classes will be running normally today, April 14th 2023. The pool may still be slightly murky but that should be completely gone in the next 48 hours. Chlorine levels are back up to normal.

A reminder that April, May and June classes are available and we have the new Aquafit Class. I'm just starting to program July and August. We'll have a lot of classes for summer. I'm programming the 8AM till Noon block of classes and will expand from there.

I'm opening the door to private events and I'll have a link up for that shortly. We're looking at Birthday Parties, private swims, wedding receptions and so forth. Sincerely,
Mark Charke
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