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Charke Swim - Open Water Swim

Hi Everyone,

I'm exploring running a class at Long Lake, Nanaimo. This would be an open water course and would run for 1 hour with 15 minutes of instruction followed by 30 minutes of swimming and then 15 minutes of instruction. A Swim Bouy would be required for each swimmer for safety. I would also strongly recomend a wet suit. My big focus would be on efficient strokes, treading, providing a safe environment to practice longer distance swimming plus going over open water dangers.

I'm not sure what the best time to run the class would be, so I've put a poll up on the website. Just scroll down past the classes and you can see it on the main page.

I'm considering before work Monday to Friday, and/or on weekends or Friday afternoons which I have free. If you have another time you would like, please feel free to contact me. (I am teaching 3-7:15 Monday to Thursday at Pacific Shores and I teach for CAN-Team on Sunday evenings.)

If this opens up I'll also be able to consider private lessons at Long Lake. I better go get a wetsuit. I grew up swimming at Crescent Beach and White Rock Beach in Surrey and White Rock but Nanaimo has so many cool swimming holes. The city does charge businesses to use the beaches but the rate is about the same as what I pay for pool rentals. Sincerely,
Mark Charke
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