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Charke Swim Sept Update

Hello Swimmers!

New Staff
Charke Swim is happy to introduce Caitlyn, a new lifeguard/instructor who will be starting in mid September this year teaching Fridays and Saturdays. We are also pleased to introduce Angel, our Aqua Fitness instructor who will start out teaching Senior's Fitness (all ages welcome) on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:45AM. Among her qualifications Angel is a certified Zumba instructor.
Finally, we have Tristan who will be joining us as a new lifeguard instructor starting in mid September this year.
I am aware that we are short on certain classes and I'm trying to fix that! I will be launching more classes as the new instructors become available.
Judo in Nanaimo
If I've taught you, I've probably mentioned Judo. I refer to it a lot while teaching. It means Gentle-Way and it is a grappling martial art without punching or kicking that was created by Kano Jigoro in 1882 resulting in a less aggressive version of Jujitsu. Judo dominated the UFC in it's early days before they added rules. Judo is the national sport of Japan and joined the Olympic Games in 1964. Since Judo has no striking, protective gear is not required to safely participate, only a Judo-gi (a Judo uniform) which is slightly heavier than a traditional martial arts uniform to prevent ripping during grappling. This has the added benefit if making Judo possibly the least expensive Martial Art to participate in. Would you like to Try Judo? The Nanaimo Judo club normally does a registration in early September. Please watch their Facebook page or contact them to ask about signing up. Nanaimo Judo Club Website Nanaimo Judo Club Facebook Address 110 Machleary, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, British Columbia Contact

New Classes for Charke Swim
Caitlyn's Friday Classes

Caitlyn's Saturday Classes
Caitlyn's Private Lessons
Aquatic Fitness Classes - New
Charke Swim is happy to announce new A 10:45-11:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays with Angel.
You are welcome to signup for as many of these classes as you would like. They are 10$ each. While anyone may attend, we expect seniors will represent the bulk of the class and have named and planned the classes accordingly. The pool has a limit of 38 persons but we have set the class limit to 30 to see if that's too busy or not, before we go higher. Senior Fitness 10:45-11:30 AM, Sept 11
Oct 9th we are closed for Thanks Giving Senior Fitness 10:45-11:30 AM, Oct 11
Mark Charke
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