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Charke Swim Votes and Upgrades

Poll: Days from starting our first lessons, I've had great feedback, and I've added a Poll to the home page to help direct choosing the August 15-26th 2022 lessons. Please vote!

August 2-12th Classes: Adult Basics filled up but the RC4 and RC5/6 haven't attracted attention yet. On Monday, if this is still the case, I will remove the classes and break the time into private one-on-one lessons but they will be in the deep water as I can't change the rental space.

Wait lists: I've added wait-lists to classes.This will also help tell me if I need more of any given class. Feel free to wait list the Adult Basics. If anyone cancels I can now offer that spot.

Facebook: I've created a Facebook Group for Charke Swim allowing you to contact me on that social media platform, post pictures and have discussions. (

Other Instruction: On the About Us page, I am adding links to other places you can get swimming lessons.


\Mark Charke

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