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Classes at Beban Park Pool!

Hi Everyone,
New Classes at Beban!
Charke Swim has arranged for a large block of lessons at Beban Park Pool on Saturdays from 5 to 9PM.
With a large space and lots of instructors there will be a lot of classes. About half of these lessons have been launched. More are comming!

Nanoose Bay Pool
We are looking at a new location in Nanoose Bay. It's a little deeper and farther away but it's a beautiful location. We're trying to get weekday afternoons there and when we know more it will be in a newsletter!

Switch, Credit or Refund
On September 20th the roof of 3255 Stephenson Point was sent on fire, shutting down classes. I got to be a firefighter again for a few minutes at the cost of minor smoke inhalation. My latest information estimates the pool will be closed for repairs for between 6 months and 1 year. I have been working since then to figure out a plan and here it is.
From Sept 27 to Oct 4th I will be taking requests for Switching to a new class or getting a Credit.
Starting on Oct 5th, I will start issuing Refunds for everyone else (you are still welcome to register for the new classes of course!)
Please don't request a refund. They are going out automatically if you don't request a Switch or Credit.

SWITCH From Sept 27th to Oct 4th I will be accepting requests to Switch from your previous class, to a class at Beban. Please send me the Title of the class you were in, and the Title of the class you want. Old classes are hidden on the website so people can not purchase spots in them so you'll have to look through your email for the Title. If there is a cost difference, I can refund or accept E-Transfers to
CREDIT If you would like a future class, I can issue you a credit. This is a code that gives you a discount on 1 future purchase. (If that purchase is less than your credit, please contact me and I'll give you another code for the difference.) REFUNDS
Starting Oct 5th, I will issue Refunds to everyone who has not contacted me. This many refunds is slow for my web provider so it can take up to 2 months. I will also reach my bank limits (daily, weekly, monthly). I will do as many as I can, and when the limits reset I will keep going until they are all done. When Refunds are done, I will send out a newsletter announcing that. If you have not received a refund at that point, please contact me. Please be patient. There are several hundred people affected and one person doing the paperwork.
You are always welcome to signup for the new classes, regardless of doing a switch, credit or refund. Sincerely, Mark Charke
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