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March & April - Charke Swim

Hi Everyone!
Spring Swim Lessons
March and April classes are now available! We have everything from Swimmer, to Adult, to Preschool, to Parent and Tot and even the new Fitness class. We have morning and evening class and our first weekend classes. Finally we have a ton of private lessons available and a new "4-pack" of private lessons we are trying out. Hopefully we have some lessons that fit your schedule!
Fitness Class
This is a new class from the Life Saving Society. It will run for 1 hour and this class will focus on distance and competitive swimming techniques. I've launched two of the classes to start and see how they go. This is for medium to advanced swimmers who want to swim a longer ways than is normally offer in swim lessons.
There is no escaping funding our great country with taxes and Charke Swim has reached the point where I am required to start paying GST. This started February 19th and is not required for classes purchased before that point. Possible Pool Closure While I am working very hard to avoid it, we might need to close during certain renovations in March or possibly April. If this happens I'm looking into issuing gift cards (discount codes). Refunds have been taking 20+ days to complete and I can create a discount code in seconds. Refunds will remain an option for those willing to wait. First Aid Room Upgrade With a new heater and robotic vacuum, our next upgrade is the first aid room, which is being stocked with additional first aid supplies and being upgraded with an AED and Oxygen unit among other things. I'll have to keep my staff from using the cot, so that I can use it.
Mark Charke
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