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March Update - Charke Swim

Hi Everyone! We are just starting the March/April block of classes! Friday March 10 One of our instructors has resigned as they were simply too busy to continue. They were teaching Friday classes. I spent most of the last weekend finding instructors and re-organising classes, but if I've made any mistakes or anyone missed notification that their class moved, we are going to find out on March 10th. I will make every reasonable effort to fix any problems. New Classes Due to high demand, I have created the following new classes for March: Swimmer 2: Swimmer 2, 3:15-3:45PM Thu, Mar 9-Apr 27

Changed Classes
Fitness (Now a little later on Friday): Fitness, 7-8PM Fri, Mar 10-Apr 28 Preschool 5 (15 minutes later on Friday): Preschool 5, 5-5:30M,Thu/Fri,Mar 9-apr27

Mark Charke
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