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More Swimmer 1!

Just a quick announcement. I've had a lot of requests for Swimmer 1, and Swimmer 2, and I've removed some of the empty classes on Tues/Thurs and Fri Only, and replaced them with Swimmer 1 and 2. These new classes are linked below; (Look under instructor's Mackenzie and Twyla for the new classes.) Also, I've added another day for PRESCHOOL and PARENT and TOT lesson on Tuesday mornings! (Look under Instructor Conall.) Swimmer 1, 5-5:30PM T/TH, Feb 7-Mar 2

Swimmer 1, 4-4:30PM Fri, Feb 10-Mar 31

Swimmer 2, 4:30-5PM Fri, Feb 10-Mar 31

Swimmer 1, 5-5:30PM Fri, Feb 10-Mar 31
Sincerely, Mark Charke
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