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New Classes for Aug 2-12

With no interest in the early morning Red Cross 4 and 5/6 classes, I have replaced them with Swim Basics level 2 classes. This is the advanced Adults and Teens class and it is taught in deep water. What skills we work on is up to you. I can teach any stroke; Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke, Butterfly, Sidestroke and Elementary Backstroke, plus diving, turns, starts, stroke efficiency, and any specific element you are interested in such as breathing, co-ordination, kicking etc. I would also be happy to evaluate your strokes and make suggestions about what to work on. These two classes are back-to-back and if you are interested you can sign up for both. As the content is very custom, I can just keep working on what you want right through both. If you are finding this late, please contact me and I'll pro-rate the class. You can join at any time and I'll adjust the pricing for the remaining days.


Mark Charke

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