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New Classes in Nanoose for Charke Swim

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to announce we've launched new classes at the Pacific Shores Resort in Nanoose Bay!
I'm still learning this new location so there may be some changes in the future. For this fall I'm starting with some fairly basic classes, Swimmer 1A to 6 and Adult classes. I plan to add private lessons to Fridays shortly as well.
Nanoose Bay Lessons Starting Nov 1st 2023! Fall Nanoose Bay Lessons | Charke Swim

Pacific Shores Resort
This is where the Nanoose Bay lessons will be. Address: 1600 Stroulger Rd #1, Nanoose Bay, BC V9P 9B7

This pool starts at 3 Ft 4 inches deep so I am recomending students who attend be 4 feet tall to be able to properly participate. There is a more shallow outdoor pool that might work for younger students but we won't be able to consider that until it's a little warmer outside.

Parent Viewing Area
The resort has asked all parents to watch from outside the pool area in a viewing area adjacent to the pool. Only students and instructors are allowed on the pool deck. This is in part due to the fire code regarding the number of people allowed at a time in the pool space. Switch/Refund/Credt I'm still working on the refunds for Stephenson Point classes. After I issue a refund, credit or switch, then I cancel your spot. Once I empty a class, I delete it and the automatic start time reminders are turned off. Sorry, if you are still getting them! Beban Park Classes
Until next summer, the only spot we have at Beban is Saturdays from 5 to 8:30PM. I continue to hunt for additional instructors so I can fill that space more completely and launch more classes, especially Parent and Tot and Preschool and will post a newsletter if/when I get more staff! Sincerely,
Mark Charke
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