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New May Swim Lessons

Halfway through May we've added classes based on demand and instructor availability below.
Staff Changes
Please be aware that we have parted ways with Instructor Diamuid. His classes were taken over by Glenn, who will also be parting with us shortly. I wish them both well and I have two more instructors waiting in the wings. Teaching is a difficult job. You are in the water and active for up to 4 hours every day. You have report cards to write. You are prone to getting illness. Sometimes it's cold. I'm proud of my instructors for what they do, and I respect when they have to bow out.

Glenn's New Classes

Conall's New Classes

Emma's Early Day Classes

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Glenn's New Classes
Private Lesson, 6:30-7PM, May 18
Private Lesson, May 24, Wed, 5:30-6PM
Private Lesson, May 25, Wed, 4:30-5:00PM
Private Lesson, 6:30-7PM, May 25
Private Lesson, 6:30-7PM, May 26

Conall's New Classes
Swimmer 1, 4:30-5PM M-F, May 15-26
Swimmer 1, 5-5:30PM M-F May 15-26

Emma's Classes
Private Lesson, May 23, Noon
Private Lesson, May 24, 11:30AM
Private Lesson, May 25, 11:30AM
Private Lesson, May 30, 12:30PM
Private Lesson, May 31, 12:30PM
Private Lesson, June 1, 12:30PM
Private Lesson, June 20, 12:30PM
Private Lesson, June 21, 12:30PM
Private Lesson, June 22, 12:30PM

Mark Charke

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