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No Classes Rememberance Day

Hi Everyone,

Rememberance Day, Lest we Forget
This is a reminder that there are no classes on November 11th as we observe Rememberance Day. Beban Park Pool will be closed. The classes were programmed around Nov 11th. (You didn't pay for this day.) All affected classes have a note on them that there is no sessions on the 11th and your schedule won't include the 11th. If you are a student of Cadence, she is gone for this week and next week, the 18th. (Again, each class description mentions these missing days, you didn't pay for them and the schedule for that class won't include those days.) January I am still negotiating with the city of Nanaimo for January classes. While I would love to hear back sooner, they have agreed to give me their answer about rentals on December 1st. Until then I can't launch classes because I don't know if, or when, I will have rental time. If rentals are rejected, unfortunately that means there won't be new classes until 3255 Stephenson Point Road is repaired, which hopefully is Summer 2024. Even if it's not, there are other rentals that become available for summer time. Refunds
The failure to get Nanoose classes going and not being able to launch January means finances have been difficult. I am trying to return to work as a Lifeguard with the City or back to leatherworking/props/costuming in Film and I am looking to rent out 2 rooms in my house in central Nanaimo (if you know anyone looking for a place please contact me!). Once I establish a revenue stream, I'll be able to get a line of credit and pay off the remaining refunds that are owned. If things go well, that will be in December. The Go Fund Me
Charke Swim has taken two hits, the fire and the failure to launch Nanoose and I have setup a Go Fund Me to help keep the organization afloat. If you are in a position where you can help, I would appreciate it. Regardless, once Stephenson Point is repaired, I should be able to get back on my feet.
Mark Charke
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