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Nov/Dec Classes Launched!

This is Charke Swim's biggest update! We still have spots for Private Lessons and Oct Lessons.
We've launched November and December 2022 which include Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs and Fri classes.
We're now offering Red Cross Swim Kids levels 1 to 6, Swim Basics 1 and 2 (Adult/Teen) and the new course Pre-Teens (7-12) a beginner's class for older kids.
OCTOBER at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre
The Sunday-Only afternoon classes still have room and you've only missed the 1st day. Sun Only - RC4, RC5, Swim Basics 1 (Adult/Teen), Swim Basics 2 (Adult/Teen)

OCTOBER at 3255 Stepenson Point Road
Private Lessons (1-3 students) Oct 10 to 14 [booked one at a time]
Starting Oct 17
Mon to Fri - Red Cross 1, 2, 3 and Pre-Teen
*There are no classes on Halloween, Oct 31
NOVEMBER at 3255 Stepenson Point Road Starting Nov 1
Mon to Fri - Red Cross 1,2,3
Mon and Wed - Pre-Teen, Red Cross 4
Tues and Thurs - Swim Basics 1 (Adult/Teen), Swim Basics 2 (Adult 2) Fri only - Red Cross 4, Red Cross 5-6 (combo course)

DECEMBER at 3255 Stepenson Point Road Starting Nov 28
Mon to Fri - Swim Basics 1 (Adult/Teen), Swim Basics 2 (Adult 2)
Mon and Wed - Swim Basics 1 (Adult/Teen), Swim Basics 2 (Adult 2)
Tues and Thurs - Pre-Teen, Red Cross 4
Starting Dec 12
Mon to Fri - Red Cross 1,2,3
Starting Dec 26
Mon to Fri - Short Classes [5 sessions only] Red Cross 1,2,3
The best place to BOOK classes is from the website; Upgrades: I've added buttons to SORT the classes between Oct at NAC, Oct at Stephenson Point, November and December. I've also added an image of the NOV/DEC schedule at the bottom of the main page. Hopefully this makes it easier to find the classes you want. We not have wait lists. You can signup multiple students and you can signup after a class has started. There is also a forum if you want to chat with other customers. If several people get together and ask for a class, I will try to make it happen.
Costs: All costs are calculated based on the number of students, sessions and duration of each session.
Private Lessons: My goal is to provide classes to as many people as possible so I'm focusing on classes. If a class has no one in it, right before it starts I will turn it into private lessons.
Request Classes: Please request classes. If there are empty classes, I'm happy to convert them to what you would like. If classes are full, signup for the wait list and I'll become aware of the need for another class of that type.
Pre-School Lessons: Charke Swim's primary site is no 3255 Stephenson Point Road and the best teaching space starts at 3 feet deep (0.9 meters) which is a little too deep for pre-school lessons. At this time I'm going to leave Pre-School Lessons to the City of Nanaimo and their beach pools at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre and the other at Beban Park Pool which start at 0 depth and gradually get deeper and can much better accommodate the smaller students.
Are We Going to Continue?: Yes, absolutely. My intention is to teach swimming lesson all year around. In fact, I'm hoping to one day be able to bring on a few more instructors to offer more classes.
Weekend Classes: I've been asked about weekend classes and I would really like to offer them. Unfortunately I need more instructors first and I need to wait to see if the swim school grows large enough to support them.
Where can I get a swimming level assessment: You can get a swimming assessment during public swim at any public pool. Unfortunately right now I don't have any free time to do assessments. Here is a link to Nanaimo's drop-in swim schedule; Drop-In Schedules (
Can I sign up for Multiple Classes?: Yes. Go ahead. Please come talk to me if you are unsure what levels to pick and we'll figure it out.

Mark Charke

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