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Pool Still Closed

Pool Closed on Monday Jan 23

I'm sorry but the repairs were not done this week so the pool will be closed on Monday Jan 23 and possibly for longer. I will put a note on the web page each day with updates and send out emails as well to let everyone know. Everyone who has missed classes with receive either a refund for those classes or replacement classes. I have sent REFUNDS to ALL the SHORT Swimmer classes from January 13 to 20. If you have not received yours in the next 3 to 5 business days (next week Friday but probably sooner), please contact me. For Mon/Wed, Tue/Thu and Fri classes I'm going to wait until the repairs are done, so I know how many sessions were cancelled and can send out all the refunds only once. For private lessons you can choose a refund or reschedule to a different day, once the pool is fixed. Thank you everyone for your patience.

I did my final interview today and as early as Monday I will be announcing the new staff members and launching new lessons. These lessons will start on February 6th, which is well after the longest projected time the repairs should take. I will be offering more Adult and Swimmer classes plus morning classes that will be Preschool, Parent and Tot and Adult classes.

Mark Charke
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