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Some Classes Running Good Friday

I booked a number of classes on Good Friday and have decided to run those classes rather than reverse what I advertised. The following classes are running on Good Friday, April 7 2023. All of these classes were schedule and advertised as running on April 7th in addition to their other dates. This email is going out to all the persons signed up to these classes to let you know we'll be running.

Swimmer 1, 2:30-3 PM M-F, Mar 27-Apr 7
Swimmer 1, 3-3:30 PM M-F, Mar 27-Apr 7
Swimmer 2, 3:30-4 PM M-F, Mar 27-Apr 7
Swimmer 3, 4-4:30 PM M-F, Mar 27-Apr 7
Swimmer 1, 4:30-5PM Fri, Mar 10-Apr 28
Adult 1, 3-3:45PM Fri, Mar 10-Apr 28
Preschool 5, 4:45PM,Thu/Fri,Apr6-28
Preschool 1, 6:30PM,Fri, Mar 10-Apr 28
Fitness, 7-8PM Fri, Mar 10-Apr 28

Mark Charke
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