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Switching Classes - Charke Swim

Hi Everyone,
Sorry about the second email but I've had over 100 emails in the last hour and there are a lot of similar questions that need to be answered. Interrupted Classes If you were in a class that was running but stopped because of the fire, I'm going to send you a refund for the missed sessions. Please bear with me. These take more time than regular refunds. Nanoose Bay
I'm not going to switch anyone to Nanoose Bay. I don't know when those classes will start but it will be a few weeks at least and refunds should be done by then. Unfortunately the only option for switching is to the Saturday classes at Beban which run between 5PM and 8:30Pm.
\ Switching Classes
I need the Title of your Old Class and New Class to do a switch. I can't do it without the New Class. I can sometimes do it without the Old Class but it takes 5 to 20 minutes to search for the class and it doesn't always work because of multiple signups and changed classes. For Example:
Old: Swimmer 3, 2:30PM, Sat, Oct7-Dec2
New: Swimmer 3, 6:30-7PM, Sat, Oct 14-Dec 16

Here is a link to the new Classes

Mark Charke

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