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Custome Classes at Pacific Shores Resort

Currently I'm only advertising Private Lessons at Pacific Shores Resort but if you have 3 to 6 students of the same level, I can create a custom class. The students do need to be tall enough to stand at the pool which is 3.5 feet deep so I recomend they be 4 feet tall so that everyone can participate.


Cost for 10 half hour classes:

3 Students, 233$ Each

4 Students, 175$ Each

5 Students, 140$ Each

6 Students, 120$ Each

Custom Classes and Private Events - Stephenson Point (When re-openned)

Custom Classes

If you would like a class but it doesn't exist, please contact us and we'll see if we can create it. Custom classes are much cheaper than private lessons but will have a limit of 6 people. Please remember that classes have a minimum of 4 people to run. If you have 4 people for the class, we are much more likely to be able to run the class.

Birthday Parties, Private Swims and other Private Events

The pool is available for 140$ per hour for private events. This includes 2 lifeguards which are required. The pool occupancy, the maximum number of people in the pool area wet and dry, is 38. This includes 2 lifeguards so 36 guests can attend. We recommend planning for a limit of 20 people in the pool.

Food and Cleanliness and Tables

You will be allowed to have food on the pool deck but please don't take it into the water. We expect a reasonable level of mess to be created and that's fine. The no socks or shoes in the pool area should still be observed please. We have one table and about 20 chairs in the pool area and can increase that. You can also have access to a small kitchen which includes a fridge, small freezer, microwave, sink and counter. You may bring your own decorations but please remove them at the end. You may bring your own pool toys as well. (Neck-hold support devices are not permitted.)

Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied at all times in the pool, wet and dry, by a responsible adult. An adult may supervise up to 3 children as long as they stay with that adult. The standard rule is "within arms reach". We recognise that this is impossible and accept a few feet leeway but children no longer being watched regularly or who are too far away, at the lifeguard's discretion, will be considered un-accompanied. If this continues after a reasonable corrective effort has been made, expulsions from the building may occur. Safety is our primary concern. Other pool rules will follow a similar procedure; Running, diving and horseplay being among the top concerns. We expect problems will be quite rare however.

Guests are not permitted to dive or flip (including belly flops) into the pool unless directly supervised by a Lifeguard/Instructor.


We are hoping to have renovations complete before the end of summer 2023. Until then we may be reduced to a single change room but you will have access to showers, a change area, washrooms and a water fountain. If needed we will work with you to take turns changing. We have some alternative locations to get changed as well, if needed.

Contact Me: (Mark Charke)

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