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New Instructor, More Fall Classes

Hi Everyone,

Ameera has joined us. She'll be working Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays and I have finished programming her lessons for fall. We were really short on Private Lessons and I didn't realize it. Wix, my provider, changed their software and I had to find a new way to hide full classes and when I did, I noticed we barely had any left. So I've added a TON of private lessons on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays, plus more preschool and parent and tot classes.

New Private Lessons - Mon/Sat/Sun
Ameera's Fall Classes Sat/Sun
Parent&Tot 1-2, 2PM,Sat,Oct7-Dec2

Swimmer 3, 2:30PM, Sat, Oct7-Dec2

Swimmer 4, 3-3:30PM,Sat,Oct7-Dec2

Parent & Tot 3, 3:30PM,Sat,Oct7-Dec2

Adult 1, 4:15-5PM, Sat, Oct7-Dec2

Swimmer 1B, 2PM, Sun, Oct1-Nov26

Swimmer 3, 2PM, Sun, Oct1-Nov26

Swimmer 4, 3-3:30PM,Sun,Oct1-Nov26

Preschool 1-2, 3:30PM,Sun,Oct1-Nov26

Mark Charke

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