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Charke Swim - Almost Ready to Launch

Charke Swim is almost ready to launch. I've been a swim instructor since before 2000 but running a business is new to me. Several things took longer than I expected. I had hoped to start in July but now I'm hoping for an August start. I apologize to anyone waiting for the launch this month.

I'm just waiting for the final paperwork on the insurance to arrive in my inbox and I'm testing the pay portal on the website. The second both work, I will announce a registration date and what classes will be available. As Beban Park Pool is closed during August 2022 for annual cleaning and maintenance, I have arranged with the city to rent the Nanaimo Aquatic Center instead during August 2022. I've had many people ask me about private lessons at their house and other locations. Unfortunately, at this time, I'm going to stick with just running classes at the pool. Once that works, I will consider other options. Thank you everyone for taking an interest and bear with me during this learning curve.

Mark Charke

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