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New June and July Private Lessons - Charke Swim

I’ve created a wave of new Private Lessons for June and a ton of new Private Lessons for July and I’ve create a new class, Swimmer 1.5 which we are going to try out.

Mark’s New Classes June
The first Swimmer 1.5 class. This is a new class. It’s a short, 5 session, class only because we had an odd week this month. Future Swimmer 1.5 classes will be 7 to 10 days like every other class. To enter you must be able to go underwater and blow your bubbles confidently and swim 1 meter without stopping on your front and on your back. To pass, you must swim 5 meters on your front and on your back and to do that you’ll have to learn to breathe without stopping on your front. Some small amount of deep end training will also be involved to get ready for Swimmer 2 which is a deep water class but student’s aren’t graded on treading until Swimmer 2.

Mark’s New Classes June
Short Swimmer 1.5, 4PM F, June26-30
Mark’s New Private Lessons June

Cadence Private Lesson July 2023 (SUMMER)
July 3rd

July 4th

July 5th

July 6th

July 26th

July 27th

July 28

Mark Chark

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