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October Lessons and Beyond

Tomorrow, October private swimming lessons in Nanaimo start. The Sunday swimming lessons are at the Nanaimo Aquatic Center (741 Third St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 7B2). We’ll be meeting on the pool deck and all the classes are in the main pool. The Nanaimo Parks and Rec lessons are starting next week over at the Beban Pool so we won’t be bumping into each other. If you check the Nanaimo Pool schedule, you’ll notice there is public swimming before and after the lessons so, if you pay the admittance fee, you can come early or stay late after and practice which I highly recommend.

The Monday to Friday lessons are at 3255 Stephenson Point Rd. Please be aware that the building is under renovation and we’ll just getting started here. The pool is completed but the change rooms are still being worked on and we may only have access to one change room at a time but there will be very few people, 7 students at a time.

I’m proud to announce that Charke Swim is in the Nanaimo Activity Guide Fall 2022 issue. It’s on p56 just after the swimming section, so I’m happy about that. You can see the Nanaimo recreation guide online presented by the City of Nanaimo Parks Department. I haven’t seen physical copies yet but I expect they’ll be available too. It’s just the add. All the lessons are listed on the website.

As a freelance swimming instructor teaching everything from kids swimming lessons to adult swimming lessons and everything in between the only thing I’m short on is hours. Right now I’m teaching 15 hours a week and I’m looking at expanding that and I’m considering additional staff in the future once we have enough signups to support more Nanaimo swimming lessons.

Charke Swim Lessons can be found here on the first page: If you want to ask for a class that you don't see, pop over to our forums here; Forums
You can see the city's lessons here;
You can see the White Rapids Swim club here; White Rapids. Is there Synchronized Swimming in Nanaimo? Yes. The Diamonds.

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