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Can I have 2 Students in a Private Lesson?

You can have Two Students in any private lesson! After you click BOOKING AND INFORMATION, which shows you the class dates, time and other information you can click BOOK NOW. At the bottom of this page is "Payment" and the option for One Student for 50$ or Two Students for 60$. (For multiple Private Lessons, 3x or 4x, the cost will scale up to 150$/180$ and 200$/240$)

This is a Private Lessons so only one account can signup for that spot and they choose One or Two students. No one else can join the class. It is greatly prefered that both students have similar skill levels. If one student can not yet swim in the deep end and the other can, while I can make the class work, both students will have a certain amount of wasted time while we focus on skills that are either too easy, or too hard for them.

If you have 3 students of similar skill level please contact me because this is the realm of a custom class. If I have space the pricing is better than private lessons but not as good as a regular class, which normally has 6 students. (

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