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Charke Swim April Update

Hi Everyone, Necessity is the mother of Inovation.

Everytime I get reports from the contractors working to repair Stephenson Point Pool, there is a different re-opening date. It was summer but they want to replace another peice of equipment and this is pushing the date back to October, possibily. They are trying to do it faster. I will keep you updated.

Starting in May, I may have access to a pool in Tsawwassen. It wouldn't be somewhere I teach frequently but perhaps once a week. I've been casting a wider and wider net for options. If anyone has or knows of a private pool in the Nanaimo area that is available for rent between now and October, I would love to hear from you! I'm looking for a pool that is only 2-3 Feet deep in the shallow end and at least 15 meters long but it's harly my place to be fussy.

Pacific Shores Resort enters summer-mode in May, so I lose Fridays because they are busy, but makeup for it but running a little later on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs. 3:00 to 8:15PM. I've just launched extra classes from 7 to 8 for May. June will follow shortly. On May 1st, I'll talk to the resort about extending my stay through July and August. Mobile Lessons: I am in the process of checking my insurance and when it is sorted, launching mobile lessons. They would be a minimum 1 hour (100$) and I would drive to your pool, anywhere in Nanaimo (Or farther away with a transportation fee. I'm looking at extending this to the mainland, just in case, but it would be at a premium price.) Sincerely
Mark Charke

(I don't always receive replies to this blog.)

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