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Last Swim Lessons for 2023

Hi Everyone,
Tristan - More Private Lessons
Tristan is returning and this has given me an opportunity to launch a few more Private Lessons before we finish for the year; Nov 25, Dec 2, 9 and 16. These will be the last lessons for 2023.
January Lessons - Maybe
The City of Nanaimo is having staffing difficulties, which is unfortunately common these days. They might not have enough Lifeguards for my rentals. Until I hear from them, I can't launch any 2024 classes. On December 1st, I'm hoping to get the final answer and will send out a newsletter with my plans. Even if it's bad news, by Summer 2024 I should have other rental options.

Go Fund Me
Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to the GoFundMe. It's going to make things that much easier going forward. I really appreciate it.

Tristan's Private Lessons

Mark Charke

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