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Switching Classes

This information for Switching from a class at Stephenson Point Road Pool over to a class at Beban Park Pool. Refunds are slow and I lose transaction fees and I would rather keep you as a customer and move you from one class to another, if the new times work for you.

I need the Title, or at least the Level/Date/Time for both the Old class and the New class, so I can find them. If your account name is different from your name, please tell me.

For Example;
Old: Preschool 1-2, 5:30PM,T/Th, Aug29-Sept28
New: Preschool 3-4, 6-6:30PM,Sat,Oct14-Dec16

I am unable to search for classes by student name or order receipt.
If there is a price difference I will do a refund if the new class is cheaper or ask for payment if it's more. I'm trying to do these in the order received to be fair, as their are limited spots, and I'm doing about 40-50 a day and there are 80+ left to do right now.

I have changed classes and will continue to do so based on need and attendance. I am trying to hire additional instructors and will add more classes as instructors become available. There are a small number of classes I am not showing on the website so they don't fill and there some room to move people. There were no requests or signups for Parent & Tot for a few days and I deleted the class for a needed one. Since then there has been several requests and I'm going to try find room for a class.
Mark Charke

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